Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rise and Shine!

Nov 09, 2006 *** Yawn & streeeetch !!! *** I can't complain about the bed. Yup, rise and shine to a lovely oily Chinese breakfast! :P Not really my kind of thing but I had to make do. Luckily they had toast, (bad) coffee and some boiled tea-eggs. Dad usually ate the porriadge with Chinese tea.

On the road again... this time we were whisked to the train station to catch the 9:30am train bound for Hangzhou. We weaved in and out, got on and off the highway (which they call Elevated Roads), saw a huge Ferris Wheel the Shanghai Star, which is supposed to be larger than the London Eye and only ready in 2008 - in preparation for Beijing 2008 Olympics I suppose.

Notice how they cross the road? (see arrow)

Inner Elevated Ring Road (内环高架路):

The Shanghai Star rising above the city.

The 'soft seat' class had a nicer waiting room but then there was still some pushing and shoving and frowns when it came the time for boarding.

All aboard....!! Huge double-decker trains. Next stop, Hangzhou.

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