Monday, December 04, 2006

My Nokia N80 Mobilephone

All photos in this post were taken with my Nokia N80 Handphone.

On a little street in Singapore... Actually, our roads are rather pretty, when you're in the right frame of mind - you just have to slow down and forget the troubles at work, close your eyes and imagine cool weather and pretend that you're on holiday..
Doesn't this look like the Winter Sonata picture? Just add snow and the pretty boy Bae Yong Jun and there you have it! Haha..
This photo was taken in a moving car along Changi Coast Road, on our way to Pulau Ubin.

Finally managed to send photos from my N80 to my PC via Bluetooth (蓝牙). When I started to do this a week ago, the bluetooth dongle did something to my PC and it froze(!) and I had to restore some previous backup. Thankfully nothing was lost!

The pictures look fine on the phone because of the small screen but then when they are transferred onto the PC, they look a little too blur for my liking and too pixelated. So I had to use Photoshop to reduce the size and sometimes sharpen them. So much for the 3 megapixel lens.

The first photo I took with my N80 was this cute one with legs sticking out from a trash bin. Saw this funny sight during lunch near Banquet at Clifford Centre. The message was clear - upgrade yourself or you get trashed!

The Vivo traffic police posed for me when he saw me aiming my handphone at him! And nearby... Instant New Pron? ;)

I wanna buy this for Chewieeee!! But then it would be too warm here..

Taken using Night mode without flash, hence lagi not sharp!

A few of my colleagues and I attended HSBC's CSR night (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the Ritz Carlton the other night. It was a nice sit-down dinner with award presentation for outstanding volunteers and performance by Janani. I was even interviewed by TV12 (again! SIGH...) which was quite embarassing because I wanted to sign a sentence and I had 2 NG's before I could spell "HSBC" correctly with my pathetic sign language skill!! (what skill???)

At Bugis Junction, we saw them setting up the Soo Kee Diamond/Crystal Christmas tree. The star on top has >20,000 diamonds and worth $1.55million! Top that! If you're thinking about swiping something, think again! There will be security guards and surveillance cameras, so unless you think you're Mr Freeze or some diamond thief, I suggest you just look and don't touch! But you could win a diamond necklace, worth $298 though! Just guess the number of diamonds on the star. For more details, visit the Soo Kee Website.

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