Friday, August 05, 2005

First Attempt at Lampworking

< Results of our labour

A few of us old stained glass buddies came together again for a short introductory course on Lampworking. Our teacher came back from Italy for a short holiday and managed to organise this for us.

We spent a wonderful morning learning about the torch, the glass and how to work the glass into a bead.

We soon found out that it was not as easy as it seems. We needed to understand how the glass would react to the heat and how to control the intensity of the heat from the torch. It's important not to overheat or underheat the glass so as not to burn or crack the glass. Pretty tricky stuff!! The fun is in experimenting with the decorations with the different colourful glass rods, mixing colours and making shapes.

Wish we had more time.

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Kakatua said...

Hiya, so wat does Chewie say to all this publicity in cyber-trashdom?