Saturday, August 06, 2005


And this is my baby, my love, my daaaarliiiing doggie, Chewie, aka Chewbacca the wookiee. She's a Maltese; 5 years old already!! Time flies. She's a real smart dog with a mind of her own. We used to attend obedience training every Sunday with veteran trainer/competitor/judge Tan Pak Song and although she was a frisky dog by nature, she even received a ribbon in the Basic Obedience competition conducted by SKC (Singapore Kennel Club). Alas, work committments prevent us from progressing further than that.

She still does tricks for fun/food. She's a sucker for bananas and apples so she'll do anything for you just for a bit of fruit!

She always knows when Sunday comes along. She runs and hides in the evenings cos she knows I'm about to give her a bath! hehe...

What does she think of all this cyber trash? hahaha... Chewie says, "what's that, what's that?? Can I eat it???"

Here's Chewie in an OCBC advertisement. She's two of the three dogs. The shoot was so tiring! But quite thrilling when the ad was displayed in a HUGE billboard at Specialist Shopping Centre.

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