Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Tomorrow is Singapore's National Day! This year's parade is at the Padang, in front of the old Supreme Courts. I hope it's a smooth event; it should be !! They sure rehearsed enough for it !! 4 dress rehearsals and dunno how many cast rehearsals. I pity the participants, so tiring.

Speaking of the 'old' Supreme Courts... they just finish building the NEW Supreme Courts and it looks really bizarre!! Like a spaceship all set to take off on command. Yup, the aliens have infiltrated us!!! Must be the government made a deal for a good business venture lah... This new building, upclose, it looks equally ugly. The facade is covered with this fake marble-looking slabs that are peach in colour. Not just a few slabs, but the WHOLE BUILDING is that colour! Wah piang eh.. wonder who decided on the colour ; probably someone who is colour-blind or has weird taste.
Anyways, here's the 'old' Supreme Courts with the red VIP chairs lined up for the NDP.

I've never seen this road so empty before! We actually stopped our car for these pictures. The stage, all setup for the main event! I think it would be less stressful watching it from home on TV but there's nothing like actually being there with your fellow Singaporeans, enjoying the cheerful mood, immersing in the national spirit, and probably for a few minutes after the parade, your hearts will still be brimming with love for your country.. hahaha...

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