Thursday, August 04, 2005

Chef Chan's Restaurant

My goodness, this must be a meal fit for a king! The price anyways... it costs almost as much as 'peanuts' ! hahaha...

The place :- Chef Chan's Restaurant at Odeon Towers.

Celebrated my nephew's 21'st birthday here. The food was pretty good but I can't say I liked the crockery! LOL... we spent a good half hour criticising their heavy stoneware. Yup, we're a very critical family.. hahaha.... They used these heavy ceramic plates and bowls instead of nice fine bone china. So it looked like the food was piled up very chin-chai-ly in ugly heavy plates. They don't even match. Some looked like from the 60's. Well, u can see from the picture.

The BEST dishes were indeed their signature dishes : the Pepper Beef (tender thick juicy chunky cubes) and the crispy skin roast chicken (with paper thin crispy skin). And the surprising dish was the Chilli Crab !!!! Who the heck orders chilli crab in a cantonese restaurant, you might ask ????? My dad... :-/ Hahaha.... Anyway, it was surprisingly delicious and although we were SHOCKED by the huge pile (again the pile) that they put in front of us, they all disappeared into our tummies !

The next table had a cake for their birthday person... we, of cos, were totally unprepared... My dad asked the waitress whether she'll be singing for my nephew.. hahaha... and whether there's a free cake !! how embarassing... my brother joined in.... :-[ They really like kidding around with the waitresses.

Later after everything, they actually came and sang with a plate full of buns with a candle !! LOL... Quite nicely done I must say. That's service for you. Too bad I was in the loo and missed everything.

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