Thursday, August 04, 2005

Back to Bedlam

This is an interesting CD, James Blunt's Back to Bedlam. "You're Beautiful" has a haunting tune. I also like "High" and "No Bravery". It's one of my presents to my nephew for his 21st birthday. The CD cover has "This CD Contains Adult Material" written on the back. haha... Let's hope he's mature enought for this material...

Here's a song for your enjoyment.... it's called You're Beautiful.

Other than this CD, he also got a Nike shirt, a pencil case, a wallet, a Leatherman Micra and an inspirational book from me.

Lucky fella, he got a Longines watch (from his parents), an Arbutus watch & a great dinner (from granddad) and shirts (from aunt).

As for me, I got this nice Nike Free 4.0 Running shoes from dad. They look space-age, don't they? They're so light !!!!! And they've got these bendy soles so you'd feel like you were running barefoot. Just wish they had them in other colours. M says that now I have to get new gym gear to match the shoes! hahaha... Most of my stuff are red or maroon but what the heck, as long as the shoes are comfortable, I'm happy.

You should go sports shoe shopping with me! Drives M up the wall!! My feet are so flat, most shoes will not be suitable. Sports shoes always have an arch support which I find so painful!

I've worn the new shoes twice now. Still getting used to the soft feeling. There's still a slight bump at the arches but I'm not telling M cos she would just give me snide remarks! So unless she reads this, she's not going to know abt it. haha..!

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