Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Glossary of Colloquial Terms

I'm addicted to Rockson's blogs... yeah.. it's really local. And crude too. A good education on hokkien swearing words! But he's so bloody funny and sums up what's happening in Singapore very nicely and interstingly. Here's a little help on common terms and swear words he uses in case you don't get it.

KNNBCCB = very crude way of swearing. It stands for Kan Ni Na Bu Chao Chee Bye. But I wouldn't even vocalise those words in real life cos it's not something I would say. Lots of guys say it, maybe they think it's cool but I just think it's rude and unnecessary.
Kan = fuck
nin = your
a bu = mother
chao = smelly
chee bye = vagina (someone said that this is a nice word to use, as opposed to pussy)

sibei sian = crude way of say "so damn tired" in hokkien. Broken down, it means :
si = dead
bei = father
sian = tired
Dunno why hokkien swear words usually contain mothers and fathers in them. LOL... Guess they used to think cursing fathers and mothers are insulting. But nowadays, that's nothing new! Ha!

ERP = Electronic Road Pricing
We have gantries around the central business districts and orchard road that would collect tolls from cars that drive under the gantries. These work all day (until 7pm). We have prepaid cash cards which we insert into card readers in front of our windscreens and those are deducted by the scanners above on the gantries. From 1 Aug, LTA (Land Transport Authorities = Ministry of cars, buses and roads.. hahaha) are going to add a gantry on an expressway (CTE) and people going HOME from work to Ang Mo Kio would use CTE and get charged until 8pm. It doesn't affect me, so I don't care! hahaha...

CTE = Central Expressway
We have several major expressways that link various parts of the island, hence, full of acronyms that we take for granted. AYE = Ayer Rajah Expressway, ECP = East Coast Expressway, BKE = Bukit Timah Expresssway, PIE = Pan Island Expressway, KJE = Kranji Expressway.

Gahmen = Government. You know lah, Singlish... we tend to slur and join all our consonents and vowels... lazy tongue. hehe...

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