Saturday, January 03, 2009

Joyriders Newbie Maiden Ride

I did my first ever ride with the Joyriders this morning. What a blast I had!

Distance : 34km
Duration : 1 hr 39 mins
Ave HR : 148
Max HR : 170
Calories burnt : 761

The worse part was getting up at 4:20am (OMG!) ... once that was achieved, the rest was oh... it was not a walk in the park either!!!

After quick intros, the newbies were shooed off so that we get some sort of a 'head start'. Very soon, I found out why... there are lots of upslopes along the route and I started to fall back. Joyce was urging me along calling out to me every now and then, "PEDAL FASTER!!! LOWER YOUR GEAR AND SPIN SPIN SPIN !!!!!!!!!!" Arrrrggghhh... I'm trying..... Looks like Friday spin classes with Martin did NOT help!! I need to build up my stamina.

What a relief when I finally arrived at the Longhouse again, I was looking forward to sitting down on a CHAIR and kopi-C... the newbies sat together and had a long chat. Joyce took MORE photos and took off on part 2 of their ride to dunno where... Mount Faber or somewhere far far away.....

Now if only I could make this thing display in metric ONLY!! You have to click "metric" to see distance in km.

Have a look :
Joyriders Newbie Maiden Ride 1

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