Saturday, December 20, 2008

Banana Pancakes and Migraines

Breakfast at PS. Cafe
Felt like having pancakes for breakfast (blame it on Survivor Gabon - they were making pancakes! .. and you thought they were starving... well, most of the time.) so Mag suggested PS. Cafe at Palais Renaissance. Unfortunately, I woke up today with a splitting migraine that made me nauseous. Still, I braved it because of the company!
The weather was great so we chose to sit outside. In any case, there was a fan blowing to keep the air circulated.

The cafe is relaxing and quiet - good place to escape from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road. I was not feeling too good so no aircon for me anyway...

I ordered Banana Pancakes (what else!?) - four layers of pancake separated by caramalised banana. Ok.. my yearning for pancakes were definitely satiated! They were fluffy and warm and generously drizzled with yummy honey.

I look like I was falling asleep while contemplating my pancakes ... hmmm... where should I make the first cut? zzzzzzzzz......

Mag ordered an Egg-white Omelette filled with feta, mushrooms and herbs. I'm sure if I was feeling better it would taste great!

Ok.. I didn't finish my breakfast but I felt better after taking my meds. No regrets though, enjoyed every minute of the $63 breakfast! ;-)

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