Saturday, July 07, 2007

Running Gear

By signing up for the Great Eastern Woman's 10K run, we could get a 20% discount off running shoes and apparel from Adidas Suntec or Cathay Building!

Personally, I prefer Adidas shoes over the 'other' famous brand because of the reasonable pricing and the quality. They last longer, feel better, provide better support and are value for money!

Since us gym rats rarely use running shoes, I wondered over to the Adidas store at Cathay Building with the hopes of buying something comfortable for my flat feet.

I met Jason and told him what I wanted. He immediately set me up for an analysis of my feet. I was required to run towards a "landing pad" from about 8 paces away, landing onto the pad first with my right foot, then my left. Several readings were taken for accuracy.

The final result was that I had severe over pronation on both feet and I rotate my feet inwards as I take off. The scan also shows an angle of travel as the foot lifts off, meaning too much stress is put on my knees and joints.

Straightaway, I was shown some Motion Control shoes that will give me the stability required to prevent the inward motion. I decided on Adistar Control 4 W which had everything I needed to correct over pronation - Ground Control System heel, de-coupled heels, Formotion, Flexgrooves, Forefoot propulsion, Shock absorption.

And now... this is MY Adistar Control!
Look out for the flexible de-coupled heel that gives you maximum shock absorption.

I can't wait to try it!


boon said...

wow. looks serious. isn't poohbearee doing the same run too? train like she does & the 10 km will be a breeze - if you don't trip. haha.

Viv & Chewie said...

I don't know.. isn't she into cycling, triathlon, serious running kind of stuff? We're only baby fun runners la. haha..

Very funny about the trip - I think Mag said the same thing... :/

Viv & Chewie said...

So you must be wondering why I would need such a good pair of shoes when I'm only running 5km/10km distances?

Well, at my 'age' (shhhhh...), I can't afford to injure myself and if good shoes can help reduce the stress to my joints, I'm all for it!

Anonymous said...

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