Tuesday, February 20, 2007


For our non-Chinese speaking friends, that means "Hope you receive whatever you wish for; Happiness and Prosperity!"

It is sort of an 'exsingers' tradition to gather during the Chinese New Year period. We must be getting lazy as we age because while we used to visit 4 to 5 households many years ago, it slowly became just the 1 house this year. And I'm glad it was mine! My dad loves to have people around and to have lots of noise and gaiety around the house during Chinese New Year! And at this time, friends from overseas are usually also around, so the gathering is really a reunion of sorts.

Here are some shots I took. Mag and Beng took more pictures - can't wait to see them! I think there are some incriminating shots of me in their cameras! Gasp!! Haha...

This year instead of serving different dishes, my dad's "brilliant" idea was to do a poh piah party instead. He said it's easier as it is just one dish. One dish! Easier!?! Ha!! Ha!!

I think we overdid it - there's a whole bucketful of cabbages left over!

What a great way to start off the Pig year!! LOL...
and see u'all next year!!!



su said...

That was an excellent popiah party! Really ate till we almost burst! Many thanks to you n your dad (n your maid, of course!) Nice pics too..

ChinkinIn said...

Thank you so much. Very good as usual. Glad it was poh piah. Haven't had the hokkien one for so long. Delicious as always.