Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

15 July 2006
A zoo you say?! Why are we visiting a zoo in Hawaii?? :)

GEOCACHING, of course! But who would've thought Hawaii has such a cute little FREE zoo? The zoo-keepers and helpers all know that there is a geocache hidden in their zoo, which is good.

It was a pleasant Saturday morning and many families bring their kids here. There was even some activities going on. I think they probably know we're geocachers because we didn't have a family tagging along and it's not the kind of place that would be featured in a tourist map.

We had a nice time wondering around. The place was filled with peacocks! We saw at least 10 of them. Many of them were showing off their plumes to disinterested peahens. Why do the guys try so hard and the ladies always play hard to get?

I'll have more updates later but I have to rush off now. Here are the photos first!

Hawaiian goose - the Ne'ne. Funny name.

A lemur staring at me. We're near the cache....

Err.. not a zoo animal ;) Mag retrieving the cache!

Namaste, the Bengal tiger

He's THAT far away actually!

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