Sunday, July 30, 2006

NDP 2006 Preview

Let's hold Hawaii for a moment for a more current event..

Remember last year when we took pictures of the empty seats at the National Day Parade held at the Padang? Well, this year, we had tickets!! Only for the preview but so what? It's still the same programme. Everyone still shouted their hearts out, everyone still got goodie bags, everyone still sang the songs, everyone still said the pledge and sang the National Anthem. AND it's the last year that it's at the National Stadium - after this, they're gonna pull it down to make way for something new. Sigh.. Singapore never stops rebuilding.. First, we tear down the National Theatre, then National Library, now National Stadium.. Where have our National identity gone?? I digress... let's get back to National Day.

Gen, Mag's niece, is singing in the the Combined School Choir this year and that's how we got tickets. She's in here somewhere... :/

Beng, on the other hand, got tickets to the Grandstand VIP seats! She's got connections in high places. ;)

Me: Hello? Beng? Where r u?
Beng: Forth row from the front. Where r u?
Me: You see that big balloon blocking everybody? We're behind that.
Beng: I'm taking photos now
Me: The band sucks
Beng: No what, it sounds good from here. They just made a gun pattern!
Me: err, yeah? We can't see from our angle...

K. enough of that... You get the picture. Still, we had our own goofy fun...

We got to Kallang MRT at 3:45pm, early enough for a leisurely stroll to the stadium. There were some activities along the way to keep us entertained.

The following pictures were taken using my Dopod smartphone because I'm so smart I forgot to charge up my camera battery (doh!) !!

The parachuters and the F16 Figher Falcons were definitely crowd pleasers. Everyone was impressed with the flight formation and boom of the turbo-charged engines that made the jets look like they had light purple-blue tails. Taking pictures of the jets is like taking pictures of Superman - slip of the finger/slow reaction and oops, they're gone!

This is the real march-pass! The rest behind just ran in. Mag says it's because the Girl Guides never march in time! HA! ppfffttt...!

to be continued... I have to go out now!

Hey, it blinks!!

ok.. I'm back!

I want to complain!!!!!!!!!!
These stupid balloons BLOCKED our view of the grand fireworks!! Can you believe it?!?!? That was the highlight of the whole NDP event, and it was twarted by some stupid humongous balloons! The balloon bearers were more intent on watching the fireworks themselves than making sure that the audience get a good view! What were they doing in the middle of the audience when they should be above or below the stadium? Plus the balloons were JUST the right size for blocking the biggest and highest fireworks.

So mad... these were the best of the shots. The rest were just ... pfffttt!!
And you can still see the damn balloons!!

We walked home after the event while Beng probably went for a nice family dinner and got DRIVEN home. LOL... Anyway, was a nice workout plus nicer iced coffee at TCC afterwards...

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