Saturday, January 10, 2009

Joyriders Newbies Route Ride 2

I went for my second cycling trip with the Joyriders this morning. It's getting easier to get up in the morning. After a breakfast of cereal and milk, I left as quietly as you can walk with cleated shoes, with Chewie looking at me dolefully..

I invited LH to join me this morning. She is the only person I know who would actually say yes to such a invitation as she is constantly training for triathlons, marathons and such.

I think I did slightly better than last week. Managed to draft a little in the beginning. Must try harder. On the way back to Longhouse along the downslope coming from Lornie towards Upper Thomson, a car forced his way in front of me, trying to make a quick left turn just up ahead. Then he suddenly decided it was the wrong turn and stopped! Mannnn, I was going at 40km/h (downslope lah...) and had to jam brake right behind him! I shouted at him but what could I do? After that he cruised slowly a little, decided that the next lane is also the wrong lane, and then proceeded to turned RIGHT(!) towards Marymount! Some drivers are so inconsiderate! At the traffic lights, his passengers gestured apologies. Ok lor... I hope he will not repeat this act again!

Link to Earth Trail for today's route. Click on the "play" button to see some action!

Still feeling those strange pins and needles in my thumb and first 2 fingers on my left hand. Not sure why I get it cos I consciously try to move my hands to various positions throughout the ride. I need a massage!

Until next time...

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