Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Zinfandel's, Zagreb

Touted as "Zagreb's finest and most expensive dining experience, with dishes which are complicated but perfectly executed", Zinfandel's at The Regent Esplanade Hotel truly does not disappoint!

The weather was really nice and many people were milling about the hotel grounds taking photographs.

When we finally walked into the hotel, the dining room was quite empty but it filled up quickly through the night. Our waiter was a fairly senior fatherly-looking man who reminded us of the waiters you might find at Shashlik but not as grouchy. hehe..

We were shown to a very nice table with a pretty picture window overlooking the lovely fountain square.

After ordering, we were served a refreshing amuse bouche of marinated tuna and pineapples (which tasted like mango). They had a very nice selection of breads too but our fave was onion ciabatta and the paprika cornbread. The dips (Black tapenade, green tapenade, Cheese and Paprika) were interesting. My fave was the paprika (which we've been enjoying throughout our trip in Croatia).

For starters, I ordered a Spiral of Pasta with seared foie gras, crispy filo and crushed peas (see picture above). I had difficulty finishing the starchy pasta which was like a roll of cellophane tape. Mag ordered Tuna Tartar with candied lemon, capers, olives and rucola (see picture below). Can't go wrong with tuna, right?

The mood in the restaurant was formal but fun. There was a big group there celebrating some kind of graduation. We even heard some Japanese ladies singing Sakura while the pianist gamely accompanied them!

For mains, I had the Sea Bass stuffed with 'piperade' and squid ink. We asked our waiter what "piperade" was and he had to go into the kitchen to ask.. oh hoho... Turned out to be capsicum. Mag ordered a very tender and meaty Shoulder of Lamb with rosemary jus.

I asked one of the waiters what "Bon Appetit" is in Croatian and he said "Dobar Tek!" with an exclamation mark!

Throughout the meal, the service was attentive but not intrusive and our bread plate was never empty. The food was good but I would say I've tasted better back home. Still, it was a great experience and not to be missed if you are in Zagreb.

We were so stuffed after the meal and saaaadly too full for deserts but we ordered coffee and it came with the nicest petit fours served that I've ever seen!!

Too full or not, we tried them all! LOL... but what a sweet way to end our Croatian holiday.


boon said...

no matter how full i am from dinner, looking at your food pics always makes me hungry. it's the lamb slices, and the seabass skin...yummy. the restaurant sure looks classy. isn't zinfandel name of a wine? nice pic of the fountain too. :)

r u changing your look? longer hair, and er..glasses?

Viv & Chewie said...

LOL.. you had your share of good food in Yindia!!!! :P

Yup, it's a kind of wine grape. well... Croatians believe that zinfandel wine grapes originate from Croatia (the same way they say that the "cravat" was invented by Croatians) ;)

Oh.. err.. wearing glasses becos contact lenses were irritating my eyes. Too cold/too dry/too dusty!

CK said...

Yes food always good. Just had leftover meesiam for breakfast. Like the petit fours too. Nice cuppa and you're all set. Dobar Tek!

CK said...

btw, haven't decided if I like the new look... of the blog lah. Too cool like shades of grey.