Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Favourite moments in Croatia

My favourite dog picture :
Bobby - the ONLY Dalmatian we saw on Dalmatia. How weird is THAT?!

My favourite B&B :
Matiki House - Mag is with Sonja, the modern grandmother who runs the farm! Notice puppy Parco chomping off Mag's left hand? LMAO... He's a feisty little thing!

My favourite little town :
Trogir - it's small and pretty!

My favourite National Park :
Plitvice Lakes National Park - the water is so turquoise blue!! You have to be there to experience it. Photos do no justice - I even have to cut and paste 2 photos together because my camera couldn't handle the magnitude of the place!

My favourite ice cream :
Vincek Slastičarnica - a famous ice cream store in Zagreb that also serves an endless variety of cakes and puffs! Resistence is futile!!

My favourite rental car :
Mag doing a car model pose with our cool little Fiat Punto cabrio which we rented for 4 hours on the island of Mljet.

My favourite group picture :
Taken in Dubrovnik with their signature roofs - put my Canon Ixus on timer; thing is, I had to run down some steps and a little distance and just barely made it before the shutter went off! That's why we are laughing in the photo. LOL...


CK said...

The signature roofs look great. Not a high rise in sight. Echoing Mag's post. Where are the people?

Viv & Chewie said...

LOL.. ok.. If I get inspiration, my next post will have pictures of people!

Kakatua said...

They were down below the roofs, grumbling about the number of steps they had to climb to get onto the walls. Mainly ang moh ah sohs and ah peks on cruise stopovers.