Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Visitor In The House!

I'm dog-sitting my god-dog Teddy this week!!!! :-) Picked him up from my friend's place on Saturday morning and together with Mag and Chewie, we went for a walk at Botanic Gardens first. I was hoping that going out to a neutral place would make the dogs like each other more. I can only hope...

The last time Teddy stayed over, Chewie wasn't too pleased and they kept going at each other the whole night, each trying to dominate the other by "climbing on top". Needless to say, none of us got any sleep!

This time, after the exercise they both got at Botac, I reckon they didn't have the energy to fight anymore! Haha..

After coming home and settling down a bit, I decided to cut Teddy's hair around his nose (so he can see better) and around his arse (because unmentionables were getting stuck there)!

Then I shaved & cut all the hair off from around his paws cos he was slipping and sliding all over our marble floor. LOL... Poor Teddy... he has to put up with ME! hahaha...

Chewie, on the other hand, was not too happy to have someone fighting for mummy's attention! Any chance she gets, she would try to 'hump' him (yes, she does... it's a sign of dominance) but of course he would not let her, which makes her all the more angrier and she would bark and growl at him!

Teddy is one super manja dog and he loves to be patted!! He looks at you like this :

With a look like that, who can resist patting him? Once you do that, he goes all SOFT and melts onto the floor, all four paws in the air, begging for more tummy rubs... LOL..

My dad and Dina have only praises for Teddy - that he's very 'kwai' (good) and no trouble at all. When I come home at night, I now have TWO noisy dogs greeting me at the door!! :D

Their pee places - separated by a chair so that they do not step on each other's trays.

Teddy sleeps next to my bed, Chewie on my bed.

The last time Teddy stayed over at my place was about 6 years ago (pre-Chewie days), when we were still staying in Bukit Gombak! Here's an old picture from back then. Gosh, we both look so much younger!!


ChinkinIn said...

Label Vacation?

Looks like you have your hands full ... n loving it.

Younger then but you have aged better. Imagine 6 dog years!

poohbearee said...

Hi hi,
Got your link from Chinkinin.
Hey, the dogs r so cute. They look similar too:)

Viv & Chewie said...

haha.. oops.. intended to click "dogs" but missed!

Pooh, do u like winnie?

I bought chewie becos i thought she looked like teddy! But actually, in person (or dog), they look quite different. Their personalities are totally different too.

KhengBoon said...

pity they don't get along. they make a lovely couple. although i think teddy has a bit of the "old man chee hong" look, and chewie looks too spritely for him.