Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saffron Bistro

Sometimes I feel all blogged out and I have to take a break! I've been real busy at work too, going to work for FIVE consecutive Sundays in a row! We're doing some upgrade again, WHAT ELSE!! T_T Last night we were there too, from 12:30am in the bl**dy morning until 11am. So, don't mind me if I'm crabby and eager to snap at anyone and anything! I just got up not long ago and had dinner but my head is aching.

So last Friday, we decided to try Saffron Bistro - a North Indian restaurant that recently opened along Circular Road. It's not very popular at the moment and when we walked in, we were the only other table there. On a Friday night, where everything was buzzing along the river on the OTHER side of the building, that was a poor showing indeed. Pity... because the food here is really quite good.

Once again, we over-ordered - ok ok... so it was my fault! But it was our first time in the restaurant and I wanted to try everything. Even so, we ended up with the typical dishes that we always order. We need to go back again to try the other dishes on the menu!

Service was great (well, they only had 2 tables to deal with what...). They served us some really spicy papadum, a complimentary shot of Mango Lassi each and some mint & mango chutney.

Our appetiser was the Cod Machli Kela Patta - cod fish seasoned with mint ginger sauce and wrapped in a banana leaf. The little window was for us to scoop the fish out - cute presentation. The fish was tender and fresh but just a tad salty though.

You gotta love the Saffron Rice. It was light and tasty and if you look closely, you can see 1 or 2 strands of saffron mixed in.

Some say you judge a good North Indian restaurant by its tandoori dishes. Well, the Murgh Tandoori we had didn't disappoint at all! The chicken was perfected grilled on the outside, covered with delicious spices and the insides were still tender and succulent.

Mmmm... my favourite dish!

Other than the saffron rice, we also ordered a really tasty Kashmiri Naan that was generously peppered with fruit and nut. Slightly sweet and yummy.

Rogan Josh - a mild Kashmiri lamb dish cooked in fourteen spices, that dates back to the Moguls. Wow... sounds exciting! Order! It was ok lah. The lamb had no ba-wu, for those who dislike the smell.

The other curry in the back is Aubergine Masala. It was nice, but too much for 2 people to finish.

We didn't have room for dessert so we only had a hot cup of Masala tea each.

With full bellies, we stumbled out of the restaurant and decided to checkout Boat Quay and the surrounding area - very happening place. Molly Malone's (just opposite Saffron) had a noisy band playing. And like I said before, it was CROWDED along Boat Quay. We passed at least FOUR other North Indian restaurants along that row of shophouses! LOL...

And I think we must look hungry (or greedy), even though we were BURSTing in our pants, cos all waiters/waitresses along the road kept hounding us to go into their restaurants. VERY annoying!

At the end of the road, we turned back onto Circular Road and walked along the street to an interesting building that now houses Archipelago Brewery. This brewery recently opened and brews interesting beers with Asian ingredients like tamarind (assam) and gula melaka. Oh well, Beng wasn't with us, so we skipped the beer drinking. Afterall, our bellies were already big & round.

This is one of the few Flatiron-style buildings I've seen in S'pore - a building built along 2 streets that intersact at acute angles. And it reminded me of a Locationless geocache that we did once called Flatirons Everywhere! I can't blog without talking about geocaching. haha...


Peter & Gladys Liew said...

Looks very delicious

Susan said...

Nic pics of food and the flatiron.. They used to have a coffee shop on the ground floor that had delicious char kway teow! Wonder where that moved to..