Sunday, April 16, 2006

ÜberFinch ÜberCorduroy

After the 2 plus hour geocaching hike (Pushing Limit, Coastal View and Aviator), we decided to treat ourselves to some juicy burger at this new funky place at Millenia, Überburger - opened by the same people behind Corduroy & Finch.

We didn't order the crazy $101 wagyu burger lah! It's far too expensive for something patted into a patty and fried over a flat stove, even if it does have foie gras and truffle cream sauce and salad with champagne dressing. The taste of the foie gras would have been lost in the grilled meat anyway. So wasted...

We did try a side salad WITH champagne dressing - not impressed by the dressing. Mango and chilli would've been tastier. The Gazpacho was pretty good. Cold and refreshing after our LONG geocaching hike.

SO anyway... our $29 burger was quite enough for the 2 of us, but the menu promised an obscene heap of fries but what we were served was, sadly, not obscene... It was just a dish of maybe 2 handfuls of fries. We said they must eat just 1 or 2 fries normally.

The beef was nice. Tasted like beef and not some questionable meat that fastfood restaurants serve. But it was definitely overdone for the medium that we ordered. I'm sure you guys would enjoy rare better.

What upset me was the ketchup and the chilli sauce!!! They were not in their usual bottles. Mag had to squeeze packet chilli sauce! And I had to dunk my fries into ketchup stored in tiny plastic cup-like containers with covers!!!! I thought they think of themselves as a high class burger restaurant with "diners who have adult-sized wallets, but whose hearts are still in secondary school"? I want my ketchup on a nice saucer or at least fresh from a bottle.

Burger, salad and cold soup came up to $45.45.

Now who's going to go try the wagyu burger and tell us about it??

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