Saturday, September 03, 2005


What have I been doing these past few weeks?! Working like crazy! Finally upgraded to the new system, HFE4 (HUB Frontend Version 4) for Trade Services users. Unfortunately, I'm still working hard cos of teething problems but that's to be expected of new systems. Sigh... Just as the old system was getting stable, they had to make us upgrade!! What to do!!

Had a nice lunch today at the Academy Bistro at the spaceship,..err.. i mean the new Supreme Court. Security to enter the building is like airport style - your bag goes thru the x-ray machine and u walk thru a metal detector. Cameras and knives have to be left behind and collected later on your way out.

Back to Academy Bistro... No complaints about the food. The mushroom and salad starter was delicious, the taste somehow reminded me of smokey zhu-char. Might be the oil :/ Love the soy reduction they used.

We all tried different mains - Roast Beef, Lamb ragout and panfried seabass - all were pleasant enough but sadly, they didn't come with mashed potato as promised in the menu! All they could come up with was some bread to substitute. Ok ok ... so later, we got some more sandwiches to fill our half empty tummies...

Pretty disappointed with the service (what's new) but on the whole it's a very nice place to have a quiet lunch.

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